Tangible Personal Property Valuations

Our clients need logical, well-crafted valuations, and the Porto Leone Consulting LLC Tangible Personal Property Valuation Team provides hard asset valuations, such as tangible personal property, and machinery and equipment, for events such as mergers and acquisitions, business planning, financing, leasing and insurance placement. Throughout our concierge-level, client-centered process, we review fixed asset records when required, physically inspect facilities, and verify assets. We package our detailed conclusions in a thorough report outlining our methodology, procedures and conclusions, delivering an updated, precise and organized fixed asset listing that integrates seamlessly into your accounting system.

Financial Reporting

  • Purchase price allocations (ASC 805, Business Combinations)
  • Impairment testing (ASC 360, Property, Plant and Equipment)
  • Fresh start accounting.


  • Property tax/property tax appeals
  • Gain/loss on sale of assets
  • Estate planning
  • Charitable donations.

Corporate Planning

  • Asset purchases
  • Insurable value analysis
  • Financing securitization
  • Distress sales/liquidations
  • Leasing and sale/leaseback
  • Litigation support.