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Machinery & Equipment Valuations

Our clients need logical, well-crafted valuations, and the Porto Leone Consulting LLC Machinery & Equipment Valuation Team provides them. We deliver hard asset valuations for events such as mergers and acquisitions, business planning, financing, leasing and insurance placement. Throughout our concierge-level, client-centered process, we review fixed asset records when required, physically inspect facilities, and verify assets. We package our detailed conclusions in a thorough report outlining our methodology, procedures and conclusions, delivering an updated, precise and organized fixed asset listing that integrates seamlessly into your accounting system.

Financial Reporting

  • Purchase price allocations (ASC 805, Business Combinations)
  • Impairment testing (ASC 360, Property, Plant and Equipment)
  • Fresh start accounting.


  • Property tax/property tax appeals
  • Gain/loss on sale of assets
  • Estate planning
  • Charitable donations.

Corporate Planning

  • Asset purchases
  • Insurable value analysis
  • Financing securitization
  • Distress sales/liquidations
  • Leasing and sale/leaseback
  • Litigation support.