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Valuation and Cost Segregation Services

Porto Leone Consulting LLC provides corporate, full-service concierge valuation services, including machinery & equipment and real estate valuations, as well as cost segregation services for organizations of all sizes, from small independent businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

We do not use a one-size-fits-all template; every valuation includes our concierge service, whereby our senior professionals perform work for every assignment, not just manage and delegate, resulting in superior work to which we are proud to add our signature. There are no heavy layers of staff. Your client contact, a PLC senior director with Big Four Accounting Firm experience, maintains responsibility for the project throughout its cycle. We’re expertly positioned, experienced enough to meet all our clients’ needs, with a team of dynamic and responsive professionals.

Founded in 2002, PLC was established to provide high-quality and timely valuation services to our clients, which include public, private and multinational companies. While we have grown since our founding, our mission remains steadfast: to exceed our clients’ expectations every day as an independent provider of high-quality valuation services and cost segregation services, by providing concierge service, unparalleled response and reliability.


Your One-Stop Valuation Shop: Transforming Data Into Dollars

Increased regulatory scrutiny and changing tax laws pose many challenges for today’s Business Owners, Chief Financial Officers and Tax Directors. At PLC, our goal is to provide unsurpassed service to exceed our clients’ most demanding valuation needs. To that end, we fastidiously customize our valuations to provide clients with logical, well-crafted calculations and methodology.