Stacey L. Goodmen

Stacey Goodmen

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Stacey L. Goodmen, Director of Cost Segregation Services brings over a decade of combined experience with accounting and construction to her role at PLC. As the Director, Stacey leads the team responsible for all cost segregation actions, including federal income tax studies, proposal creation and new business development. A consummate professional who welcomes opportunities to collaborate with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, Stacey is a natural-born problem solver who enjoys the challenges that come with uncovering creative solutions on a variety of projects. Her proven track record for building and motivating high-performing teams continues to yield exceptional results, exceeding quotas and surpassing expectations.

Stacey is a lifelong learner who started her career in the U.S. Coast Guard working as a diesel mechanic. After leaving the Coast Guard, she went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. She excelled as an on-site construction engineer before attracting the attention of an accounting firm in need of her expertise. The transition to accounting allowed her to apply specific construction industry knowledge to hone sought-after skills in cost segregation studies—the area that would become Stacey’s specialty. The work was a perfect fit, combining Stacey’s love for construction, accounting and problem solving—all while allowing her to support her two sons.

Today, Stacey gives back as Vice Chair on the board of Charleston’s Habitat for Humanity. It’s a cause close to her heart. Through her own experiences, she understands how difficult it can be to find safe, affordable housing and hopes to help others in similar situations. Stacey also stays active in several nonprofits working to help veterans. In her free time, she shares her love for baking (inherited from her Grandma) as an amateur cake decorator. She enjoys crafting and taking to the open road on her Harley Davidson motorcycle.